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21e Foire canadien des entreprises d'entraînement - 21st Canadian Practice Firms Trade Fair Centre EXPOCogégo, Drummondville (Québec) CANADA  06.11.2018 to 08.11.2018

Thème de la 21e édition : «:Le commerce virtuel, une expérience sans frontières»  Il y a 20 ans, lors de la première foire commerciale des entreprises d'entraînement qui s'est tenue au Canada, le thème «Commercer aux frontières du réel»  a infusé une direction à notre réseau.  20 ans plus tard, nous retournons à Drummondville, et constatons qu'avec l'utilisation accrue du numérique et de l'internet, les frontières sont disparues. Et c'est là l'expérience que vit le participant, l'expérience qu'il acquiert dans l'entreprise d'entraînement: une expérience sans frontières!  

Durant la Foire, nous vous offrons la possibilité de faire du commerce international avec nous par Skype, vous n'aurez qu'à vous inscrire et choisir une plage horaire pour échanger avec l'une ou l'autre des entreprises qui seront présentes. 

Vous pouvez vous inscrire à fdemers@abrimex.com.

Theme of the 21st edition: "Virtual trading, a borderless experience". Twenty years ago, at the first Practice Firm Trade Show held in Canada, the theme "Trading at the edge of reality" infused a direction to our network. 20 years later, we are returning to Drummondville, and note that with the increased use of digital technologies and the Internet, borders are gone. This is the experience gained in the Practice Enterprise: an experience without borders!

During the Fair, we offer you the opportunity to trade with us by Skype, you just have to register and choose a time frame to trade with one of the PE present at the Fair. You can register at fdemers@abrimex.com.


1st European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair Dornbirn, Austria  20.11.2018 to 22.11.2018

Three countries - Austria, Germany and Switzerland - are coming together for an extraordinary international fair for Practice Enterprises.

Together with EUROPEN–PEN International the goal is to make the 1st European Practice Enterprise Fair the largest-ever Practice Enterprise Trade Fair in history. We expect about 250 stands and around 10.000 visitors.

For more information have a look at our Website.

1. European Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

 Visit the Event website  messe@zuef-edu.de 

7th Global Enterprise Challenge Dornbirn, Austria  21.11.2018 to 21.11.2018

EUROPEN-PEN International will be holding our 7th Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) in Austria on November 21, 2018. The GEC is a great opportunity for Practice Enterprise trainees to push their boundaries when it comes to their rhetorical, analytical, and communication skills.

For more information please visit the website.

 Visit the Event website  gec@penworldwide.org 

Slovakia International Practice Enterprise Fair Bratislava, Slovakia  22.11.2018 to 23.11.2018

The application and other information regarding to the "International Practice Enterprise Fair in Bratislava - Slovakia 2018", which will take place on November 22th-23th 2018 in the V-club and other premises of the Národné osvetové centrum/National Education Center on Námestie SNP 12 in the center of Bratislava you can find on www.sccf.sk:
- English application http://www.sccf.sk/international-training-firms-fair-in-slovakia-2018-38.html
- Slovak application http://www.sccf.sk/medzinarodny-veltrh-cvicnych-firiem-2018-3a.html

Practice Enterprise competitions will be a part of the 2018 International Practice Enterprise Fair again. Please contact us for more information on the competitions.

 Visit the Event website  sccf@siov.sk 

France Regional Trade Fair Orléans, France  22.11.2018 to 22.11.2018

"The golden age of cinema"

Contact :  Frédéric Lavaux 

Prestige EEP     
Lycée Voltaire
F-45072 ORLEANS Cedex 2  

Tél: +33 (2) 34 28 35 00 


Luxembourg National Trade Fair Forum Geeseknäppchen (Luxembourg)  05.12.2018 to 05.12.2018

The Luxembourg National Trade Fair will take place on December 5th 2018 at the Forum Geeseknäppchen in Luxembourg City. 

Have a look at last year's national fair:


For more information on how to attend the event with your Practice Enterprises contact our Central Office Centrale Luxembourgeoise des Entreprises d'Entrainements (CLEE):


+352 26 11 01 - 22

 Visit the Event website  info@clee.lu 

Thematic Regional Trade Fair "Make our planet great again" Le Mans  06.12.2018 to 06.12.2018

Contact : Cycl'O Mans
Centre AFPA Le Mans
366 av. Georges Durand - CS91019
F-72019 Le Mans  
Tél: +33 (6) 74 30 92 77

 Visit the Event website  cyclomans@euroentent.net 

Practice Enterprise Trade Fair in Hungary Győr, Hungary  19.12.2018 to 19.12.2018
The next edition of Practice Enterprise Fair in Hungary will kick off with the guarantee of success recorded in the last years’ fair. It will be interactive event, containing trading of PE products and services as well as participation in several competitions.

Czech Regional Trade Fair Olomouc  24.01.2019 to 25.01.2019
This International trade fair will be held at unique place - shopping centre Galerie Šantovka. During (and even before) Practice Enterprises can participate in lots of competitions. For more information please visit the organizer's webpage.
 Visit the Event website  letochova@sslch.cz 

Slovenian Trade Fair Celje, Slovenia  06.03.2019 to 06.03.2019

One day trade fair, business meetings and business competition to be held in Celje, open to international visitors.


 Visit the Event website  cups@escelje.si 

BELFAIR 2019 Brussels, Brussels Expo  14.03.2019 to 15.03.2019

Annual trade fair in the centre of Europe that welcomes 130 boots per day and about 3000 visitors in total. You can register as an exhibitor or as a visitor. You are also welcome to join our competitions. 

More info will be published soon on our website.

 Visit the Event website  belfair2019@cofep.be 

Czech International Trade Fair Prague, Czech Republic  20.03.2019 to 22.03.2019
Large international fair held yearly at the Prague Fairgrounds. More information will be available in October.
 Visit the Event website  antreprague@gmail.com 

2019 Youth Business Summit New York, NY  15.04.2019 to 17.04.2019

Join more than 5,000 attendees for the 2019 Youth Business Summit, happening April 15-17 in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn offers attractions for every type of visitor including the Barclays Center, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, and many more!

The Youth Business Summit (YBS) is a one-of-a-kind global business convention for PE students. During a dynamic week of business competitions, leadership events, and professional networking, rising talent from middle and high schools around the world display the professional skills and business acumen they have developed by running a PE company.

Here is the link to register: https://portal.veinternational.org/tradefair/32/registration/

 Visit the Event website  nchapman@veinternational.org 

2019 TF FEST - Bulgarian International Trade Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria  18.04.2019 to 19.04.2019

22nd International Fair of Practice Enterprises TF FEST Young Entrepreneur – 18-19.04.2019

TF Fest, held annually in Plovdiv, is part of the study program for school and university students in Bulgaria, with the participation of many international Practice Enterprises. 

In the Fair program: Presentation of PEs, direct business negotiations and deals, exchange of experience, Annual meeting of the Bulgarian Youth Business Leaders Forum, Annual awards of Academy Corporate Social Responsibility, competitions.

 Visit the Event website  fair@buct.org 

Swissmeet 2019 Lausanne, Switzerland  22.05.2019 to 23.05.2019

The yearly edition of the international trade fair SWISSMEET will held in the french speaking part of Switzerland at Expo Beaulieu Lausanne. 


Further information to follow as soon as possible.

 Visit the Event website  swissmeet@helvartis.ch