Upcoming Trade Fairs and Activities Calendar

Slovenian Trade Fair Celje, Slovenia  06.03.2019 to 06.03.2019

One day trade fair, business meetings and business competition to be held in Celje, open to international visitors.


 Visit the Event website  cups@escelje.si 

BELFAIR 2019 Brussels Expo, Belgium  14.03.2019 to 15.03.2019

Annual trade fair in the centre of Europe that welcomes 140 stands per day and about 3000 visitors in total. Trading is possible in Dutch, French and English. 

You can register as an exhibitor or as a visitor. Registrations for exhibitors are still accepted for Friday March 15th (1 single day). It is no longer possible to participate 2 days, as Thursday March 14th is complete.

You are also welcome to join our competitions: Elevator Pitch, Mystery Shopping & Case Study Competition.

Check-out our webpage (http://cofep.be/belfair-en/) for more info or contact the BELFAIR team: belfair2019@cofep.be.

 Visit the Event website  belfair2019@cofep.be 

Czech International Trade Fair Prague, Czech Republic  20.03.2019 to 22.03.2019
Large international fair held yearly at the Prague Fairgrounds. Propositions are now available on organiser's web page.
 Visit the Event website  antreprague@gmail.com 

Central Slovakia Regional Fair Mestské kultúrne centrum SNP 119 965 01 Žiar nad Hronom Slovakia (Slovak Republic)  03.04.2019 to 03.04.2019
The Regional Practice Enterprise Fair in Central Slovakia will be held on April 3, 2019 in the premises of the Local Cultural Center, SNP 119, 965 01 Žiar nad Hronom, Slovak Republic

 Visit the Event website  dada.vengrinova@gmail.com 

Romanian National Trade Fair and Business Challenge, 10th Edition PLOIESTI, PRAHOVA county, Romania  03.04.2019 to 05.04.2019
Virgil Madgearu Economic College from Ploiesti, Romania, together with ROCT, organizes the National Trade Fair with International Participation and the ROMANIAN BUSINESS CHALLENGE, 10th EDITION.
Held in Ploiesti, PRAHOVA county from 03-05 of April. During the event there will be practice enterprise competitions, a national contest between inter-regional teams, communication sessions, presentations, debates, peer learning.
 Visit the Event website  simonabratasanu@yahoo.com 

Italy International Trade Fair Predazzo (TN)  04.04.2019 to 05.04.2019

The XIth trade fair in Italy in the Dolomites, Unesco World Natural Heritage Site for their monumental and unique beauty. More information coming soon.

 Visit the Event website  crisan@simulimpresa.com 

23rd International Online Trade Fair in Lithuania Vilnius, Lithuania  10.04.2019 to 10.04.2019

We would like to invite you to represent your Practice Enterprises in the 23rd International Practice Enterprise Online Trade Fair in Lithuania, which will be held online on April 10, 2019.

Online participation (April 10, 2019. 08:00 – 13:00, UTC)

Non-Lithuanian Practice Enterprises to take part in the trade fair using Skype (schedule will be prepared after all participants will be known). There will be a stable online connection and special place for the online participants. There will be live streaming to the internet of the trade fair. 

Detailed information can be found following this link: http://sl.viko.lt/mugefair-2019/

 Visit the Event website  simulith@gmail.com 

2019 Youth Business Summit New York, NY  15.04.2019 to 17.04.2019

Join more than 5,000 attendees for the 2019 Youth Business Summit, happening April 15-17 in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn offers attractions for every type of visitor including the Barclays Center, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, and many more!

The Youth Business Summit (YBS) is a one-of-a-kind global business convention for PE students. During a dynamic week of business competitions, leadership events, and professional networking, rising talent from middle and high schools around the world display the professional skills and business acumen they have developed by running a PE company.

Here is the link to register: https://portal.veinternational.org/tradefair/32/registration/

 Visit the Event website  nchapman@veinternational.org 

2019 TF FEST - Bulgarian International Trade Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria  18.04.2019 to 19.04.2019

22nd International Fair of Practice Enterprises TF FEST Young Entrepreneur – 18-19.04.2019

TF Fest, held annually in Plovdiv, is part of the study program for school and university students in Bulgaria, with the participation of many international Practice Enterprises. 

In the Fair program: Presentation of PEs, direct business negotiations and deals, exchange of experience, Annual meeting of the Bulgarian Youth Business Leaders Forum, Annual awards of Academy Corporate Social Responsibility, competitions.

 Visit the Event website  fair@buct.org 

Swissmeet 2019 Lausanne, Switzerland  22.05.2019 to 23.05.2019

The yearly edition of the international trade fair SWISSMEET will be held in the french speaking part of Switzerland at Expo Beaulieu Lausanne. 


Further information may be found on our website.

 Visit the Event website  swissmeet@helvartis.ch 

Mladý tvorca - Slovakia International Practice Enterprise Fair Agrokomplex NÁRODNÉ VÝSTAVISKO, štátny podnik Výstavná 4, 949 01 Nitra - Slovakia  05.11.2019 to 06.11.2019

International Practice Enterprise Fair Slovakia 2019 will be part of the exhibition "Mladý tvorca 2019" - "Young Builders" - which will take place on November 5th-6th 2019 in Nitra, Slovakia.

Practice Enterprise competitions will be a part of the 2019 Fair 2019.
Judged categories and criteria of Practice Enterprise competitions:
Catalogue, Exhibition stand, Representation, Slogan, Logo, E-Presentation

 Visit the Event website  sccf@siov.sk 

55th International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair Mannheim, Germany  19.11.2019 to 21.11.2019

The yearly edition of the International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair organized by the German Central Office will take place in the "Maimarkthalle" in Mannheim, Germany. Visitors are welcome and entrance is free!

Practice Enterprises must register and pay fair fee to participate as exhibitors. Registration process will start approx. April 2019. Further information will be available soon.

The event website is being relaunched at the moment. We will inform you as soon as the website is online.