Get Involved as a Trainer or Teacher

Start your Practice Enterprise

Are you a school or university teacher, a trainer at a Vocational Education and Training (VET) or adult training center looking for information on how you can get your students/trainees started with the Practice Enterprise? Are you looking for a way to include more practice-based learning and teaching in your classroom?

The Practice Enterprise concept is tailored to the requirements of the business community and is a proven model for practical business and entrepreneurship training that helps students and trainees to learn about the labour market and economy by putting their skills into action in a learning environment set up like a real-world company. Participants interact with others from their home country as well as from more than 45 countries around the world.

The network operates as a non-profit association financed by dues from member countries and through contributions from individual member institutions. As a non-profit civil society association, dues are always kept to a minimum and decided upon by the members. Operating costs of running a Practice Enterprise, including teacher/trainer and classroom/training room costs are the responsibility of the service provider.

New Practice Enterprises are opening every year around the world. Even if your country does not currently have Practice Enterprises, you can still get involved. Contact us today to learn how you can open a Practice Enterprise in your school, college, university, vocational training institution or training centre.

Would you like to know more about starting a Practice Enterprise, our membership structure, or require further information on our worldwide network?

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