Slovakia International PE Trade Fair

State Vocational Education Institute cordially invites you to participate at the International Online Practice Enterprise Fair 2020, which will take place on November 10-12, 2020.
An online conference on entrepreneurship education and financial literacy will also take place during the fair. This year, the fair also includes Practice Enterprise competitions, inclusing online competitions in the categories of logo, slogan, business card, catalog, website with e-shop, electronic presentation and video advertising.

Online Competitions will run from June 10th 2020 in the following categories:

  1. Logo – (e-document in JPG Format)
  2. Slogan – (electronic text or JPG Format)
  3. Catalogue – (e-document in MS Word, MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint or a screenshot of licensed programs: Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw…)
  4. Business card – (electronic – high quality scan, at least 300 DPI)
  5. Electronic presentation – (video, PPT, spot, other electronic form)
  6. Web page with e-shop
  7. Video advertising & video shot (link)

TF competition documents for competitions must be sent electronically in advance by one E-mail with attachment (15MB) or more e-mails. Include “Your TF NAME” and “Contest Entry” in the subject of email message. Please send your materials to us at the latest by October 15, 2020 to e-mail:

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