Integrating Logistics Processes in Practice Enterprises

The aim of the LOGIPRO – Integrating Logistics Processes in Practice Enterprises project (24 months) is to develop a work-based learning programme that prepares European VET students for an advanced logistics education in Higher Education (HE) or for a job within a logistics company. In order to increase inflow of experienced VET students into HE logistics programmes and companies, we want to implement the Practice Enterprise methodology in logistics education programmes and set up piloting for logistics Practice Enterprises in VET schools in project partner countries. Using the Practice Enterprise methodology, this project will reduce the mismatch between the skills trainees are taught and the skills needed by the sector.

In project partner countries there is an alarming bottleneck of job offers in the logistics sector. In the sector, there is an obvious mismatch between the profile of jobseekers applying for these jobs and the profile requested by logistics companies. Companies tend to find few suitable candidates because this specialised knowledge can only be acquired in a logistics company or through thorough practical training as part of an educational programme. Logistics regulations are very comprehensive, complex and constantly evolving. High quality requirements are also set, such as experience, communication skills, multilingualism, flexibility, multitasking and stress resistance. Negotiating talent, the right attitude and a sense of responsibility are often breaking points. Companies encounter difficulties finding the right candidate because they continuously ask for highly skilled profiles. If they do decide to recruit semi- and unskilled workers, they have to train them internally on-the-job, which means a large investment in resources and time. Emerging sectors, like the logistics sector, require skills that are not yet taught in a practical way within European VET education.


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