Practice Enterprise Commerce and Trade Platform

A major funding project for the creation of a new marketplace, advertising module, bank, credit card and web application interface.

More than 7,000 Practice Enterprises will have access to hands-on experience of simulated real-world trade on an international level. This means that instead of only simulating trade through in separate national contexts and by means of mutually incompatible systems, the VETCOP platform will make it possible for all Practice Enterprises to take part in international trade mirroring a worldwide, digital, single-market economy.

The main objective of the VETCOP project is to facilitate international trade for more than 200.000 students per year in a virtual online environment based on simulation as a practice-oriented learning methodology. The project will accomplish this by developing an online platform consisting of 3 modules:

  1. B2B Marketplace
  2. Banking System
  3. Credit Card System

The many national Practice Enterprises located in over 40 countries will have access to the platform through which numerous skills and qualifications in the area of international trade can be acquired.

The outcomes of the VETCOP project will be available to all Practice Enterprises within the international network.


Target Group
Worldwide Network of Practice Enterprises

Partner in the project

Project Duration

2017 VETCOP Kick Off 1
2018 VETCOP Plovdiv 1
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